This Dragonfly VR Camera Lets You Stream Your Life In 3D From Your POV


Eyse is a little dragonfly-looking camera that live streams your view of the world in stereoscopic 3D #objectmagic

Unlike other 360-degree video cameras, Eyse has just two separate cameras that capture everything around you in 3D with bi-directional audio. It mimics the feeling a person has the moment he wakes up and starts interacting with the world; you can mount it on anything you can think of, from drones to torso harnesses.


Where’s the VR component? Well, the stream can be viewed on a virtual reality headset through Wi-Fi or can be recorded for a later play. The 110-degree cameras have 5MP each (but go upwards until 13MP, if you decide to upgrade your model). Your video is stabilized with gimbals and if you feel pretty confident about your purchase, you can get the best of the series, a water-resistant one.

There’s a catch, of course: the price. This nifty gadget costs probably twice or more than your average 360-degree camera, considering the base model is selling now for $349 on Kickstarter.

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