This Gadget Charges Your Phone Using Simple, Flowing Water

It happened to all of us, at least once in our lives – the phone battery died in a place with no sockets, no back-up batteries, not even one solar charger. Probably while camping or going backpacking through the wild. Estream was born for those desperate, Bear Grylls moments, when all you have is a river access #objectmagic

Estream is a portable power generator that converts flowing water in stored energy. All you need is an easy-to-reach river or some sort of weak current, even the one  kayaks make, Enomad (the company behind the project) suggests.  The portable generator has turbines that can harvest the power necessary to charge 3 smartphones, GoPros or tablets (at full charge). That happens in 4.5 hours though, so you better start at dusk. Estream sells at a starting price of $180 on Kickstarter, if you want to grab an Early Bird.

On long vacations, this can clearly became of much use but on weekend getaways you should come covered with maps, food and everything you need to avoid an emergency. In five hours, a lot of things can happen…

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