Too Drunk to Ride? Lime’s Electric Scooters Will Warn You!

lime scooter

Recently, Brad Bao, Lime co-founder, revealed that their electric scooters will have the capability to warn users not to take the vehicle for a ride when they are exhausted or drunk.

During a chat with The Verge, Bao said “safety is the number one thing for us as a company and I think that when it comes to mobility, safety is the baseline. Without that, nothing matters.” That is why they keep the focus on building an extensive team to work on customized hardware.

This goal also reflected in the Respect the Ride campaign that offered over $3 million for education and outreach, along with 250,000 helmets.

Moreover, they are sharing data with the city and are working with them closely to improve infrastructures. The latest update in that sense comes from Romania, where the company has just penetrated the market. In partnership with Bucharest’s city hall, Lime will launch here a fleet of 1000 scooters, positioning them near subways, parks, museums, libraries, etc.

More importantly, Bao said the scooters feature sensors that can detect whether the driver is wobbling and generate a warning. In turn, the vehicle can slow down to a stop.

This feature is not launched yet but it has huge potential in terms of efficient and safe transportation.

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