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Turn Your iPhone In A Gaming Controller With Gamevice

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  • gamevice-iphone-controller

If you’re spending more time playing on your phone than checking Facebook, a controller extension might be your summer must-have. Most of the ones available on the market are pretty imprecise or cheap, but this one rules on all fronts #mobilemagic

Gamevice reminds us of PlayStation Vita in the best way. It fits an iPhone, but you can also ask for the iPad mini, iPad Air or iPad Pro version – bigger display, harder to manage. What’s on the top? Your usual action buttons, a D-Pad, four front-triggers and dual analog joysticks, of course. It connects to your iPhone through a Lightning connector and has a 400 mAh battery that can be recharged via microUSB.

Thankfully, the gadget is prepared to withstand hours of gaming, weighing a bit over 5 ounces so your hands don’t go numb, friend.

The only drawbacks: it might not suit this fall’s iPhone 7, if you’re planning to buy one, and is compatible with just 800 games – no one can guarantee that your favorite is among them. To check that out, you’ll have to download the Gamevice Live app first.

Price: $99.95.

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