Insta360 Nano Yi Handheld Gimbal

Two Budget-Friendly Accessories You’ll Need Every Time You Film

Whether you’re a beginner or you’ve filmed a couple of times before, ending up with short clips with your phone or adventure-filled ones with an action cam, you need two things. One of them is stabilization, a hardware or software solution to get rid of jitters, making your shaky video, pretty steady. The other one is less compulsory, yet it’s becoming the norm these days: 360‎° cam. 360‎° videos are the latest trend because nothing is left out of the picture. The problem is choosing the right accessories to accomplish both things. We can help, after discovering two budget-friendly devices at IFA #actionmagic


You can take panoramas and pretend they’re 360° videos after posting them on Facebook, but you’d be lying to yourself. Other apps aren’t helpful either, especially when you expect good resolution and stitching. That’s why we liked so much the Insta360 Nano approach. It’s a small add-on for your phone for moments when you want not just all-around footage but spherical one, too.

Insta360 Nano

As a person who likes quirky gadgets, switches between phone cases seasonally and has a box of car adapters, earphones, external batteries and what-not, the idea of a 70g attachable camera didn’t bother me at all. You can manage the phone and the cam with one hand, livestream easily on Social Media or show other your 3K video with cardboard VR goggles sent with it. 

Ifa360 Nano

The only problem is the Nano model they’ve released so far is compatible only with iPhones, through the Lightning port. The price is very decent, for the quality they offer – £199 (UK).

See the sort of video you get with Insta360 Nano here!


How can you fight the shaky footage that is bound to result after filming on a bike, in a daredevil race? The result comes from the company that launched Yi 4K action camera, GoPro’s deemed rival. They released a handheld gimbal for action cameras. The gimbal looks like a selfie stick, although much sturdier, and has built-in, high precision sensor and responsive brushless motor. The technology and design keeps vibrations at bay, enough to get creative with your videos.

Yi Kit: 4K camera, gimbal, bluetooth remote

Yi Kit: 4K camera, gimbal, bluetooth remote

As it turns out, the gimbal can be set in Pan, Lock and Pan and Tilt mode (check what they do, in detail, here).  These modes help you keep the camera steady while shooting in different angles.

The battery lasts 4.5 hours and the cool thing about it is that it’s not expensive at all. You can pre-order one here for $284.

What September findings have you stumbled upon?

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Two Budget-Friendly Accessories You’ll Need Every Time You Film

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