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Up, Up And Away! Send This Selfie Stick In The Air To Take Your Coolest Photo Yet

What’s the thing all of us hate when trying to get a group selfie? We hardly reach everyone, as our arms fail to put distance between our smartphones and ourselves. So, we buy a selfie stick. When that falls short, what can we do? One company thinks the future belongs to selfie drones. Roam-e recognizes its owner and follows him everywhere taking photos from 25 metres away #actionmagic

IoT Group’s cylindrical drone is as big as a 600 ml water bottle and can be stored safely away when you’re on the road, since the propellers fold against its body.

How does it work? You just throw it in the air and watch it start hovering near you. Pair Roam-e with any iOS or Android device beforehand and it will recognize you as the owner via facial features. Afterwards, it’s going to follow your face up to 25m away, relying on a Follow Me tracking function to never lose sight of you. Roam-e shoots at 5MP and uses a single-axis gimbal for stabilization.  The drone can also record and stream video to paired smartphones.


The maximum flying time is 20 minutes, after which you’ll have to swap batteries or wait 2 hours for recharge. One thing to remember: if you turn around from your drone, it won’t be able to follow you anymore, instead hovering in place until your face shows up.

Roam-e will retail for $250.



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