Watch How Your Toys Can Turn Against You In This Eye-Opening Clip!

Your smartphone‘s buzzing. No time to text back, you’re busy searching for that drone. It has to be somewhere in the house; you promised the little one to let him fly it today. That air conditioning is running wild in your back, the TV is still loading a clip and you can’t find that smart home remote anywhere. The quicker you make it to playground and back, the longer you’ll get to play in VR. Sounds familiar? All those toys you just added up to in the last years can easily become your enemies #securemagic

No, I’m not saying they’ll kill you or get a mind of their own soon. In fact, before AI becomes a threat, you still have to deal with hackers. They’re not gone, you know – hence the recent LinkedIn password dump – #thanksbutnothanks @Peace (the responsible hacker). As the world gets more and more techy, they simply relish in the paradise. Thanks to IoT, drones, smartphones, home robots, they can get control of your data and your devices.

The first trailer for Watch Dogs 2, the famous sequel to the game where you play a hacker, illustrates just a couple of ways this can happen. Before you know it, San Francisco can become the Wild West of technology. The city is once more imagined as the home of a hyper-connected society (we’re living it right now), where the smart city system can be hacked into and manipulated. 

Playing as Marcus Holloway from November 15, you will discover how an RC jumper with a robotic hand, a quadcopter and more devices can be accessories in taking over media channels, city lights, vehicles, people and crowds.

It might be just a game, but the simulated environment is dangerously close to reality. You’ll find yourself glancing over your shoulder, when you leave the game world. It won’t be because you’re getting paranoid, but because everything you’re doing in the game can be done to you, in real life. Toys can become weapons in the wrong hands, even if they are acting from a idealistic point of view.

Walls have ears, the sky has eyes.

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