How A Hacker Blocked His Neighbor From Playing Reggaeton

daddy yankee

Who doesn’t like reggaeton? Apparently lots of people, and one of them had the hacking skills to actually build a device that jams signals only when detecting this music genre.

From a Tom’s Hardware report about the hack:

“Maker and developer Roni Bandini grew tired of his neighbors’ regular habit of playing loud reggaeton music at the same time every day, and decided to act on the matter by programming a Raspberry Pi-powered response.

At the end of the day (or perhaps at the beginning), Bandini saw two possible outcomes. Either he confronts the neighbors directly about the music or he creates an AI-drive solution that automatically responds when Reggaeton music is detected. Long story short, we’ve got a cool Raspberry Pi AI project to share with you today. When this Pi detects Reggaeton music, it interferes with nearby Bluetooth speakers so the audio is distorted.”

You can find how to build this project here or search for “Reggaeton Be Gone” if the link doesn’t work. 

If you do build it though, please, please, use it sparingly. We already lost Daddy Yankee to retirement…

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