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Watch: Someone Managed to Get Doom Running In Notepad and Even John Romero Is Impressed

“Can it run Doom?” is a long-running gag for the fans of the oldschool game that came out in 1993, with modders getting more and more creative.

After we were amazed by mods like Doom on a fridge door or on an Ikea lamp, now someone actually managed to play Doom in Notepad, running at 60 fps.

The NotepadDOOM mod made by game developer Sam Chiet runs so smoothly and is such an impressive display of modding skills, even the original designer of Doom, John Romero, was impressed.

Chiet didn’t explain how the NotepadDOOM mod works but he says that he didn’t have to modify the rudimentary Notepad application and that very soon other people will be able to play the game like this as well.

Chiet wrote on Twitter that “it’ll take some work to polish NotepadDOOM into something releasable, but it’ll almost certainly happen over the next couple days,” so keep an eye on his profile if you want to try this. 

The video of Doom running inside Notepad did make us want to fire up the old game. Still, running classic games on Windows is no easy task, often involving emulators, so we’ll wait for Chiet’s next announcement and simply use Notepad for it.

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Watch: Someone Managed to Get Doom Running In Notepad and Even John Romero Is Impressed
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