Husqvarna Officially Partners with Bethesda to Run Doom On Lawnmowers

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“But can it run Doom?” is a joke that keeps on giving but now serious companies are trying to piggy-back on it. Does it work?

Eh, in my opinion this is kind of lame, like companies posting memes on social media. 

Then again, the kids who played Doom until the crack of dawn now go to bed at 10PM and wake up at 6AM to do yard work. Or is it just me?

Kotaku writes:

“This new way to play Doom arrives in April on all Nera robotic lawnmower models. You don’t have to pay for the game, either, just a $2,000+ lawnmower. Instead, just download it and play the shooter via the robo-mower’s built-in screen. To rotate your view, you turn the knob and to shoot demons, you press it down. You hold the start button to move forward.

A few caveats to mention. First, this isn’t available in the United States. Why? I don’t know. Perhaps we can’t be trusted with video games on lawnmowers? Secondly, this isn’t all of Doom. Instead, it’s just the first episode — Knee Deep In The Dead — which is arguably its most famous one, sure, but just keep in mind you won’t be able to play the rest of the beloved shooter in the middle of your backyard on a tiny LCD screen. Sorry.”

The Huskvarna x Doom thing will only be available until September so, if you do own a robotic lawn mower, make sure you brag about this feature too this summer.

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