Which Smart Garden Tools Actually Work? & How to Help Your Small Garden Cope with Climate Change 

smart moisture meter

I know someone who had been growing lush tea plants for a decade in their garden but, in recent times, most of them had stunted growth and damaged, sad-looking foliage. Why? Spoiler alert: it’s climate change totally changing how we used to garden, even in small spaces.

And yes, there are smart garden tools that you can use to make sure your garden thrives both now and in the future. Agricultural tech is a big business but there’s also plenty of garden tech that can help. 

And no, before you think a 1.5 degrees Celsius heating of the atmosphere shouldn’t totally change what you grow in your garden, think again. Most of us have plenty of anecdotal evidence and observations that the weather patterns are all off – more cold days, longer droughts, weird variations from day to day. Those things don’t just affect things at a macro level but can also play havoc with hobby gardeners tending to their rose bushes or Camellia mini-crops. Things like a lack of pollinators, low humidity, brick decorations that hold heat – all of them can add up to disaster in the garden. 

Personally, I used to think I had a brown thumb when it came to certain plants. After installing some smart garden monitors and small but essential things like rainwater monitors, I realized that knowing just what USDA zone I’m in and which fertilizer to choose hydrangeas are just the beginning. My garden monitors told me that, because of my fences and trees layout, some areas were getting little to no rainwater. Others that looked ok were actually flooded after every rain and all that water could have been diverted to other parts of the garden.

While I use gardening as an escape from the regular, connected world, and used to view it as a low-tech activity, in recent times I’ve experimented with some smart garden tools that do make sense.

Here are some of the best smart gardening tools you can use for your own plants (or small crops, if you’re growing food as well). None of them are as refined as the agricultural tech available for conventional farmers but they can still give you incredible insight into precipitation patterns, soil health and more.

A 7-in-1 Wi-Fi Weather Station with Solar Power & Mobile App

The Logia Wireless Weather Station is a versatile device that enables you to monitor various weather measurements such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction, barometric pressure, and rainfall. It even has UV and solar sensors, so you can know exactly what your plants are getting / are missing. 


It offers both indoor and outdoor monitoring capabilities and utilizes wireless transmission for seamless data transfer. You also have a mobile app you can use to see what’s happening real-time in your garden, even if you’re away. This smart weather station even compiles historical trends for up to 500 days, offering you charts and graphs with all the critical information in your garden.

The smart weather station runs with 3AAA batteries but also has an integrated solar panel. According to its makers, this setup allows it to go on for up to 2.5 years. Check it out here, the reviews are positively glowing!

Smart Water Timer with Wi-Fi Weather Station

Another great choice is this smart water timer from Rainpoint, which offers a host of essential functionalities for a well-managed garden.

The Rainpoint sensor helps you monitor the moisture level in your soil, providing real-time data on the hydration of your plants or lawn. 

Smart Water Timer with Wi-Fi Weather Station Rainpoint

It’s also a good smart irrigation controller which will adjust the watering schedule based on the detected soil moisture levels. 

Not only will this prevent under or over-watering your garden, it will also help keep your water bill down and reduce water waste. 

And yes, it does send everything you need to know on your phone.

Check it out here.

Smart plant monitor with app to let you know when to water & fertilize

Plant water monitors, also known as soil hygrometer sensors or soil moisture meters, are really not an innovation in the world of gardening. Still, there are smart plant water monitors that will completely transform how you take care (or smother) your most special plants – and they can be cheaper than even a ceramic pot.

aquameter smart water monitor for potted plants

This plant monitor is actually a 4 in one soil moisture meter that also lets you measure other critical aspects: what soil nutrients are available, what light intensity the plant is getting and temperature detection.

For anyone who ever tried to grow a finicky citrus plant like Buddha’s hand, these plant monitors are super helpful, since the app lets you know exactly when to intervene.

Beautiful Aquameter for simple water monitoring for potted plants

Having a potted plant comes with its own set of issues, from finding a gorgeous pot to hold the plant to actually making sure it thrives. Have you tried a water sensor for them?

As you probably know by now, potted plants tend to have more soil issues – the soil can become dry faster or, in some cases, retain so much moisture your plant is waterlogged.

These beautiful aqua meters look so sleek, they won’t look out of place near any plant. 

aquameter water monitor for potted plants

If your plants need water, they remain white. If they’re watered, they’ll be blue – that simple! There’s no app involved, so they’re a simple gadget with little room for error.

And, since they’re so cheap, they’re a great addition to any pot.  They’re certainly cheaper than buying yet another rare cutting from a hip nursery. 

What do you think, do any of these smart gadgets for gardeners work for your setup? If you found a great garden gadget more people should try, do share your recommendations below. 

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