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Windows 10 Creators Update: 10 Features You Should Look For

Microsoft’ Windows 10 Creators Update was very focused on 3D and virtual reality mirroring the subjects users are most interested about today and hope to use in their sculpting of tomorrow. The announcement also marked Microsoft Edge as the first browser to bring 3D to the Internet. So, what can you expect next spring? These are the 10 most notable things to take in after yesterday’s event #softwaremagic

  1. Paint 3D will be your new 3D art studio. Imagine a revamped Paint app where you can create 3D objects (starting with 3D scanning or not) and then share with the online community
  2. Office apps receive support for 3D models and 3D animations (easy to work with in Powerpoint). They also get new inking abilities, so your digital pen can write directly in Word.
  3. 3D printing directly from your computer will be possible, too.
  4. Mixed reality will be a dream come true through this update. Once you have the free software, you just need to get the Microsoft approved headset which they intend to launch for a mere $299 (a LOT better than the Oculus Rift).
  5.  Game broadcasting will let you show your skills off to the world but also watch amazing gameplay from others. Streaming will take place in 4K with Beam technology Microsoft will build in Windows 10 and Xbox One.
  6. Microsoft will send the ball in your court in 2017. Creators Update is said to let you create custom tournaments to Arena on Xbox Live.
  7. Dolby Atmos will be supported by a built-in 4K Blu-ray player in the Xbox One S.
  8. Sharing is going to get ridiculously simple with MyPeople. Pin your favorite crew to Windows task bar so that you can later drag and drop documents and photos directly to their contact photo.
  9. Shoulder Taps is a Microsoft quirk, a mix between emoji texts and Facebook pokes. You can use them to annoy contacts from MyPeople until they give you what you want.
  10. Zero costs. Honestly, the update will come free of charge so I don’t see any reason not to give it a shot.


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Windows 10 Creators Update: 10 Features You Should Look For
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