Worth Buying? HTC A9s Is A Downgrade On Its Predecessor

Not all companies are breaking records at this year IFA event. Some are launching devices that fit every budget, yet… don’t excel at anything. Take for example HTC One A9s, a mid-ranger who simply downgraded from its predecessor #mobilemagic

The One A9 was criticized last year that it was inspired too much from the iPhone and this year… HTC didn’t do anything to dispel the rumors. In fact, they even shifted the rear camera from the center to the left, making the resemblance even more obvious. Great specs could have saved the situation, but they aren’t impressive enough to make us forget about the questionable design.

In fact, the sequel to A9 simply kept some of the old hardware or employed even older one. Now, the screen is a 5-inches 720p LCD instead of the 1080p A9 had and the processor is a MediaTek Helio P10 processor not a Snapdragon 617. You still get a 2,300mAh battery, the 13MP camera with LED flash and a f/2.2 lens and two choices in matter of RAM and internal storage: 2GB/3GB, respectively 16GB/32GB.

The One A9s will launch globally later this year, in three colors – black, gold and silver that HTC dubs as “nature-inspired” (yeah, we don’t get what they mean, either). Last but not least, the price is particularly confusing, as it will be lower than the one they sold A9 for, even if we’re talking about a sequel.

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Worth Buying? HTC A9s Is A Downgrade On Its Predecessor

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