Vitastiq 2 for vitamin deficiency

Pen Traces Your Body And Finds What Vitamin Deficiency You Have

Smart pens aren’t just great tools for drawing or making huge sculptures in 3D.  A company figured out they could use one as a nutrient tracker to determine if you have vitamin deficiency #objectmagic

Vitastiq 2 is a silver, chunky pen that uses electroacupuncture to measures conductivity of acupuncture points. This method should allow you to see what are the levels of up to 30 essential nutrients in your body. The company says the tracker can be connected to a smartphone app through Bluetooth, so you can see the results. But there’s more; besides getting an answer to your health-related questions, the app can also show you nutrition advice on how to deal with a  certain deficiency. Plus, it keeps track of previous analysis and monitors the way your current diet is affecting the nutrient levels registered.

After a more than successful campaign on Indiegogo, where Vitastiq earned 604% of the initial goal, the product will start shipping in November. The early bird price is $99, with a retail one of $129.

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Pen Traces Your Body And Finds What Vitamin Deficiency You Have
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