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You Can Accessorize This Mini-Drone With A Cannon Or Claw

This fall, you can turn the playground into a play-sky. Parrot’s Mambo mini-drone can be accessorized with a claw or a cannon, making races and obstacle courses really exciting #actionmagic

Debuting in September at $119, the Mambo recreational drone is one of two presented recently by the company. The Swing can be turned into a fixed-wing UAV in a heartbeat, while this one can be equipped with two different “weapons”. The first is a cannon that fires pellet projectiles so bring around friends to really enjoy the experience.

The other one is a claw which can be turned into an extension of your arm. Use it to grab a sugar cube to put into your tea/coffee or take your fresh socks from the laundry room without needing to move from the couch. You’ll find a use for it, I’m sure. Both are easy to attach and the mini-drone is even easier to pilot with your smartphone.

Parrot says it’s fit for indoor and outdoor entertainment, since the size will be the least of your problems with it.

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You Can Accessorize This Mini-Drone With A Cannon Or Claw
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