You Can Take Head To Toe Selfies In The World’s First Social Media Mirror

There’s nothing simpler than taking a selfie with your phone. With just a few touches, you can have an instant autoportrait that, otherwise, would have taken weeks to schedule at a professional studio. For fashion bloggers though, there’s still a problem unsolved: how to take a photo head to toe without employing the help of a friend?

Here’s where the Selfie Mirror comes in. Equipped with  professional lighting and a Sony Exmor R BSI CMOS 16 mp built-in camera, the smart object highlights anyone’s best features up close or from afar, hands-free. This allows for a spontaneous fashion shoot at home with results that can be posted online immediately.

selfie mirror

Although the mirror’s main function is to take as many selfies as possible, the smart device can make Skype calls too, show Facebook and Twitter feeds and display weather updates and news. Packed with a Hi-Fi sound system and video recording at 60fps, 1080p resolution, this mirror can be quite good at creating beauty vlogs for your fans.

selfie mirror

Face detection technology and 2 way video surveillance system makes it a great monitoring tool when you’re not at home, helping you to keep in touch with dear ones.

While it’s a great addition for any Millenial home, it’s hard to believe the smart mirror will gain popularity as a selfie tool, in the detriment of the phone. The idea is to take photos on the move, changing scenarios while you’re at it, not posing from your stuffy bedroom daily.



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