Take Care Of Your Flowers Like A Pro With Shazam for Plants

If your friends have made a habit out of giving you plants in pots for special occasions, without attaching instructions or names to them, it’s understandable why they haven’t flourished yet. You don’t know how to take care of them properly. A Shazam-like app is coming to the rescue, helping you identify every greenery by taking a picture of it.

PlantNet is the project of four French research organisations and Tela Botanica network. Its aim is to identify plants from Western Europe and South America using a visual recognition software. After you upload a photo, your entry gets reviewed; if it gains more than 3 stars, it will be integrated in the identification tool the next day. Then, a second tool takes into account the image description and whether it is accurate or not. In this way, there is small room for errors. The database grows with each picture submitted, contributing to further identifications.

The apps’ founders suggest taking pics as close to the subject as you can, preferably with a clear, uniform background. It seems simple enough and if it will spare you long sessions of Google search is, we say it’s worth it!

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