YouTube Launches Instagram-Inspired Stories

youtube reels

YouTube is expanding its community-growing efforts with something Snapchat debuted and Instagram is taking full advantage off now: stories. #softwaremagic

Unlike Instagram and Snapchat, YouTube’s stories don’t have a 24-hour expiration date. Reels, as they’re called, are the video platform’s take on the fleeting bits of content. Creators that have a channel with more than 10,000 subscribers can now post updates and snippets between more lengthy video uploads.

Reels can remain attached to the account forever and can be organized in events or projects.


Vloggers can go on weekend getaways or daily seminars and post snippets from there as Reels until they have time to create a carefully edited clip. All those bits can be added to one folder named after the event. This way, the subscribers can see all their adventures from that particular happening in one place. Plus, it’s easier to follow past stories if they’re organized in collections, while also getting a more personal glimpse on the vlogger’s life.

Also, Reels can point to a past video if the creator chooses to link to it. It’s clear that YouTube’s initiative comes as vloggers spend more time on rival social media platforms to promote their lives and video channel. If they can be persuaded to do it all in one place aka YouTube, why shouldn’t Alphabet pour its resources into it?!

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