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Asus’ Daring Decision: “We Did The Opposite With Zenfone 5 Dual Camera”

Bezel-less phones with dual cameras were everywhere we looked at Mobile World Congress. So, really, coming up with a unique approach that would not only speak volumes for the industry, but for the end-user, was somewhat improbable. Yet, Asus did just that with Zenfone 5 and its brothers. After talking with Marcel Campos, Head of Global Marketing Operations at Asus, during Mobile World Congress, one thing became abundantly clear: this phone is mid-ranger gold. With Zenfone 5 dual camera, they defied the competition #ttllive

Prior to its unveiling at Mobile World Congress, Zenfone 5 was famous for its notch. Most media companies focused on the looks and whether it would work in Asus’ favor or not. After the press conference, when more details came to the surface, the focus of the conversation shifted dramatically. The notch was the last thing journalists, including us, noticed. Why? Simply because the features this mid-ranger (running on Snapdragon 636) sports are much more exciting to talk about.

We want to give people what they want but not at insane prices

The AI technology. Asus launched Zenfone 5 as an intelligent phone, not just a smartphone. Machine learning is deeply rooted in the design of the device and of its siblings, in order “to predict what you want before you want it.” Marcel Campos explained how AI helps this phone doubles the lifespan of the battery, without an added effort from the user: “The phone knows when you are sleeping and it knows when you’re going to wake up so […] it can charge to 80% during the night and not allow it to go over 80%, so it won’t lose the capability to retain power. Fifteen, twenty minutes before you wake up it starts to charge again to 100%.”

Campos claimed that the phone can actually last up to 6 years (more or less, depending on consumer behavior), thanks to this feature.

AI is also at the base of their camera scene detection. Once the device understands what it sees, it will automatically adjust white balance, saturation, and more. Give it a bit of time, Marcel said, and it will learn your photo preferences and edit pictures just the way you like it, on its own.

Now, the front camera is more important than the back camera

The dual camera, reversed. Asus changed the mechanism of the dual camera! The company dared to take a different path, defying their competitors in the meantime:

“When you use telephoto, the zoomed image will capture your face and the main camera with the best sensor will make the blurred background. We did the opposite – we used the wide angle camera to do the blur and the main camera, that can capture more light, for your face. So, for the first time, the portraits on Zenfone 5 will be much better than those of the competitors’ “, explained Campos.

The immersive audio with and without headphones. Ok, so we’re used to this annoying trend of ditching the headphone jack in favor of stereo speakers. But if you’re still clinging to your earphones, this phone might be an option. It retains the jack, to our total surprise, while adding individual amplifiers to the speakers and fine-tuning the sound. We listened to Coldplay’s Something just like this on it and… it kinda sounds better than on the iPhone 7 Plus and slightly better than on the iPhone X. The sound is richer and Campos said it’s thanks to the DTS Headphone:X technology.

Listen to the full interview above to find out how AI and ASUS will change the gaming scene !


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