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Check Out Your Body Composition With TomTom Fitness Tracker At IFA 2016

We’re used to seeing fitness trackers that keep a record of calories burned, steps made… but not a good one that doubles as a smart scale. TomTom fitness tracker surprised us in the best way at IFA 2016 #objectmagic

Slim and colorful (four different straps to choose from), TomTom’s fitness tracker can tell your body composition in a heartbeat. Much like a performant scale, it can show the body fat and muscle mass percentage and get non-stop heart rate information, if you want. In its downtime, it displays the same ol’ things fitness wearables show: number of steps, active time, calories burned, distance walked and sleep time.

TomTom fitness tracker

You can scroll through call notifications with the tiny touchscreen when you take a break from your jogging habit. During run, your stats will be tracked and saved so you can monitor your progress at a later time.

TomTom unveiled two GPS watches, too. One is the Spark 3 with 3GB built-in storage and route exploration (so you can see where you’re going) and the Adventurer, essentially the same thing + barometer.

All gadgets will be available in October for $130 – TomTom Touch, $250 – Spark 3 and $350 – Adventurer.

Check Out Your Body Composition With TomTom Fitness Tracker At IFA 2016
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