Facebook Owns Android Users’ Call History And SMS Data

android call history sms data

If you thought Facebook had access only to your profile data and friends list, think again. Android users have discovered their call history and SMS data has also been collected for years.

After the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook users took a step back and started revising their behaviour when it came to the addictive social media platform. Wanting the “naked truth”, some downloaded all the data Facebook stored on their account. Surprise, surprise – they discovered the platform had been saving their call history and SMS data for years.

Zuckerberg hasn’t responded to these findings yet, but we do know that Facebook has started requesting access to this type of data in an effort to improve its algorithm and uncover users’ “true friendships”. Most of it has been done through the Messenger app, which prompts users to use it instead of the native SMS service. It’s true that at the moment, users have an opt-in to “continuously upload” that information.

Now, they’re upfront about it.

But has this been true from the start? After all, Google’s old Android API worked until last October, so until then developers were free to access call and SMS data. Without a clear opt-in in place, many users may have granted access to such private information unknowingly.

At the moment, it seems that only Android users were affected by Facebook’ practices. iOS has restrictions in place to prevent such actions.

Were you aware that Facebook had access to such data? Did you opt to share this information with the platform? Tell us in the comment section below!

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