Zuckerberg Has Spoken: These Three Countermeasures Will Prevent Another Cambridge Analytica Scandal

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Finally, Mark Zuckerberg has spoken. The CEO of Facebook has publicly stated his position in the Cambridge Analytica scandal, along with the measures his platform will take to prevent such a privacy breach from ever happening again.

After hours of speculations and debates regarding data firm Cambridge Analytica’ massive trespassing , Mark Zuckerberg gathered his thoughts and made a public statement regarding Facebook’s involvement in the whole affair. As you know, the company is accused of having known since 2015 that the firm harvested 50 million user profiles to create psychographic profiles and use them in order to sway public opinion in the Trump election and Brexit campaign.

In the past couple of days, Zuckerberg laid low, deciding to skip even the company’s all-hands meeting. Everyone was wondering what position the successful businessman would take once he’d resurface and now we have our answer. The CEO came up with three tools to prevent another scandal of this proportions, but no apology:

Long story short, Facebook will take the following countermeasures:

1.An audit of all apps with “suspicious activity” that “had access to large amounts of information” before 2014, when the platform reduced data access significantly

2. Developers will meet further restrictions to data access: “For example, we will remove developers’ access to your data if you haven’t used their app in 3 months”

3. Users will find the list of apps they’ve granted access to easily, at the top of the News Feed

Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO, has also issued a statement, seemingly more sympathetic to the users’ situation: “I deeply regret that we didn’t do enough to deal with it.” Read the entire post, below:

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