In-Car Video Shows What Really Happened Before Fatal Uber Crash

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Today, Tempe Police released the footage captured by interior and exterior cameras of the self-driving Uber that killed a homeless woman this past Sunday. The video is able to shed some light in this case, although the investigation continues.

Elaine Herzberg, 49, was ran over by a driverless Uber SUV days ago. The collision took place at night, with a human safety driver aboard. Although the aftermath is clear, there was no way of telling what was the driver’s reaction to the incident without seeing this video.

Now, that it’s been made public, you can see the victim walking out of the shadows when the crash happens. She had already crossed one side of the street, carrying her bike on the left. That means it the car should have perceived the shape of a human and tracked its motion.

On the other hand, in-car footage shows the driver looking down seconds before the crash happened, noticing the woman at the last possible moment. The police stated that, in this situation, the accident “would have been difficult to avoid”.  

Warning – the following video contains footage some readers may find distressing:

At the moment, there is no additional information concerning the reaction of the car’s systems, including the braking one. Until the investigation is over and measures are taken to avoid such tragedies, Uber and Toyota’s self-driving tests have been put on hold.

Stay tuned for more updates regarding the case.

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