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The Geeky Super Bowl Ads This Year: From Super Mario Bros Rap to Doja Cat for Pixel Phones

This year’s Super Bowl brought not just an early The Last of Us episode from HBO Max but also a lot of geeky Super Bowl ads.

Among the Super Bowl ads in 2023 we saw a hilarious Mario rap riffing, a Pixel phones ad with Doja Cat and Amy Schumer, a finance and HR software ad with none other than Ozzy Osbourne and Billy Idol, plus an Uber One ad with Puff Daddy – just to name a few.

Here’s the best of them, in case you missed the show.

The trailer for the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie

A refresh of the Mario Rap from the live-action show Super Mario Bros. Super Show that ran for a couple of years in the beginning of the 90s, this new movie trailer goes beyond showing scenes from the upcoming movie and pays homage to an absolute classic.

The 2023 Super Mario Super Bowl Ad

The original Mario Rap

The Uber One Super Bowl ad with Puff Daddy and some fun surprises

Uber also went for both the nostalgia and the rap factors in their Super Bowl ad, bringing Puff Daddy in a hilarious sketch. What would happen if Puff Daddy / P. Diddy / Sean Combs / The Rapper Who Changes His Name Every Decade or so had to write a jingle for Uber One?

This ad was our favorite from the Super Bowl 2023 lineup, since it also features the fantastic Kelis (Milkshake, anyone), Montell Jordan, Ylvis and Haddaway.

The Super Bowl ad with the new The Flash trailer had both Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton, the OG Batman

The controversial Ezra Miller might not have much appeal nowadays, but we are interested in James Gunn’s vision for the time-traveling The Flash.

A new trailer for The Flash that reunites two Batmans? That’s exactly what Super Bowl 2023 brought and we loved seeing Ben Affleck and the legendary Michael Keaton, now 71-years old, now together.

The Workday Super Bowl ad tries to sell productivity software with old school rockstars like Ozzy, Billy Idol & More

How do you make productivity and HR software glam? For app Workday, their Super Bowl ad brought together legendary rockstars from the days of yore.

While I do appreciate a good productivity app and know most of them, there’s something decidedly not cool about associating Billy Idol or Ozzy with spreadsheets. I guess we all have to work and pay bills, so yeah, there’s that.

Honestly though, what I loved more was reading this sarcasm-heavy piece from TheRegister about geeky ads trying too hard and listening to Billy Idol’s Rat Race as an antidote to the boredom of …well, so many productivity apps

The Squarespace Super Bowl ad featuring Adam Driver

Adam Driver is a true treasure no matter what role he picks up and we loved seeing him in this new Super Bowl ad for Squarespace. 

This is one geeky ad AND a scifi treat! I’d say it’s the smartest Super Bowl ad in recent years, and not just because I’m totally in awe of Driver’s screen presence. Do you agree?  

What about you, which 2023 Super Bowl ad you liked most?

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The Geeky Super Bowl Ads This Year: From Super Mario Bros Rap to Doja Cat for Pixel Phones
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