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How to Watch For Free the Fantastic “Blockchain — Innovation or Illusion?” Documentary

Are you still confused about blockchain and still in doubt about this technology? Even though it’s always in the news, the crypto industry is still full of misunderstandings and scams and we don’t blame you if you still can’t quite understand it.

If you want to lean more about this technology and its applications, there’s a fantastic documentary called “Blockchain — Innovation or Illusion?” you can now watch for free.

This documentary is a fantastic incursion in what blockchain is and how the industry works, answering both basic question like “what is cryptomining?” and complex ones like “Is de-centralization even worthwhile?”.

The “Blockchain — Innovation or Illusion?” documentary was created by Adam R. Smith, a software engineer “frustrated with his friends and associates’ claims about the potential of crypto technology and their subsequent losses of money in various schemes”. His perspective can certainly resonate with people who, for one reason or the other, are strangers to the blockchain industry.

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The documentary has been presented at multiple film festivals and received praise, including from the former Chief of the SEC Office of Internet Enforcement, who said the information in it is “spot-on”. 

“Blockchain — Innovation or Illusion?” is now available for free in its entirety on YouTube. It’s an insightful, engaging watch. Even its initial frame, where the maker invites you to do your own research and think critically “and often”, is a key takeaway if you want to explore the blockchain industry safely.

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How to Watch For Free the Fantastic “Blockchain — Innovation or Illusion?” Documentary
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