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9 Applications That HR Pros Need In 2022

A human resources information system is an application that allows companies to record employee information, handle HR functions, and conduct activities such as payroll processing and benefits administration.

Features of HR applications include: 

  • Staff self-service portal.
  • Workforce management and payroll 
  • Recruitment, benefits, and management of talent.

The functions of a HR application:

  • Organization of employee information in a single database that can be integrated with other business applications.
  • Helps in keeping track of paid time-offs and calculating the paid leaves automatically.
  • Access to tax, insurance, and training documents on demand.
  • Creates reports to track paid time-offs, hiring time, the progress of the recruit, and the learning and development process, which can be further used to make rectifications, if required, and reach goals. 
  • Arranges open job roles, resumes, recruiting, and onboarding in a centralized dashboard. 

The benefits of an HR application:

  • Reduces wastage of time in low-impact admin tasks, hence allowing HRs to spend time on more productive, and strategic outcomes. 
  • Reduces human error
  • Consistent feedback
  • Improved data organization
  • Compliance with federal regulation

 HR applications for HR Pros: 

1: Information system for employees: Use an automated system to track employee information and keep it in a single dashboard. All the HR data once uploaded will go through a checking process thus preventing any chance of manual error. This system takes a backup of data automatically. 

2. Training Software: Having training software like Performance Pro for example, allows the HR department to make training more accessible, engaging, and impactful.     

3. Employee onboarding and off-boarding: Employee onboarding and offboarding involve a lot of paperwork. This becomes simpler with the help of these applications. With these applications by side, the HR team has the very least to worry about the things a new hire would need on their first day at work, Most of the tasks are assigned automatically by such tools, making the onboarding process smooth. Similarly, employee terminations are also taken care of using these applications.  

4. Timesheet management: These applications track all the necessary data required for an employee’s payroll without the headache of manually entering data. It is possible to use timesheets to check the payrolls. 

5. Time off management:  Automated leave management streamlines leave requests, tracks the process, approves them, or rejects them on time. Furthermore, these applications verify whether an employee is eligible for any further leaves by checking their leave balance section.

6. Training Management: These applications engage employees in interactive training sessions that enhance their performance. An efficient training program can be estimated by collecting feedback from trainees and analyzing the process.

7. Attendance management: These attendance applications configure schedules, week-offs, and holiday lists. They keep a track of the biometric devices and payroll systems.

8. Performance review: An HR manager and team manager has a lot of work to do and the performance ranking of a candidate does not top their priority list. Yet this is an important part of the onboarding procedure. Hence, this task can be assigned to software and the managers will receive a consistent review of the recruit’s performance.

9. Staff self-service: Self-service applications for employees streamline everything from training requests to documentation. 

The best HR applications provide functions like paid time-offs, scheduling, and employee information management, and allow users to have input-output data from time sheets. Some applications also possess the function of payment processing, onboarding, hiring, and collaboration tools. HR applications automate tasks and create reports based on employee data, so they’re a great choice for your workload.

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9 Applications That HR Pros Need In 2022
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