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Last Minute Gift Idea for A Geek? This Clippy Ugly Sweater & Some More Risky Choices

Microsoft made waves when they revealed the Windows Ugly Sweater: Clippy Edition but obviously that sweater quickly went out of stock. You can still get it but it will probably arrive late in January, unfortunately.

If you want to make a geek happy this holiday season and are looking for a last minute gift, these ugly sweaters do the trick!

baby yoda christmas sweater

For the Mandalorian fan in your life, look no further than this ugly sweater with Baby Yoda. The cutest Disney character is hanging out on this cozy sweater and might help conceal your giftee’s belly after a big holiday meal.

clippy word sweatshirt

It might not be quite as cool as the Microsoft ugly sweater but this Clippy sweatshirt does do the trick! It will remind your giftee that, no matter what’s going on in the world right now, nothing is as annoying as trying to edit a Word document under the “helpful” eye of Clippy. Since it’s part of Amazon’s Merch on Demand program, it should ship pretty fast too! 

thanos christmas sweatshirt

For Marvel fans, you can go for this cool Thanos sweatshirt. It’s holiday-themed but can work great year round, especially if your giftee tends to freely express their grumpiness and/or cynical attitude.

deadpool christmas sweater

If you wanna go even further, this Deadpool Christmas sweater / sweatshirt is pretty sweet. Actually, the only thing sweeter would be to have Ryan Reynolds’ face on the back but the tech ain’t quite there yet. Still, you have to admit, a Deadpool sweatshirt is exactly what your friend would actually wear!

And lastly, this is one geeky, ugly sweatshirt anyone would love to wear. After all, who doesn’t love Mario?

mario christmas sweater ugly sweater

Featuring a knitted reference to the game every child absolutely loved, the Mario ugly Christmas sweater is perfect to bring joy this holiday season.

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Last Minute Gift Idea for A Geek? This Clippy Ugly Sweater & Some More Risky Choices
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