What’s A Dumb TV? Check Out The Best Dumb TVs Without Smart Features


These days, technology makes everything easier, and watching TV is no exception.
Besides the various smart features available on the market, smart TVs also support streaming services, which offer just anything you’d like to watch, from vintage films to the newest shows and series available. But are smart TVs really all that? If all you are looking for is keeping up with the news, watching some TV shows and whatever movies are on, then maybe a dumb TV is going to satisfy your needs.


A dumb TV is a non-smart TV or a regular TV, that doesn’t have the capabilities of a smart TV, so forget about Hulu, Alexa, Netflix and those streaming services.

But what if you’re not into smart TVs and all that jazz? If you’re more on the old-school side of the TVs, don’t worry, there are still non-smart TVs on the market you can consider. The industry calls them dumb TVs, although there is nothing dumb about them, they just lack smart features.

Dumb TVs have pros and cons, but generally, they are more affordable and you don’t need to sacrifice quality to get a decent TV that satisfies your entertainment needs.

Don’t forget though, dumb TVs still require regular updates.


Yes, there are still decent non-smart TV options on the market, as there are still people out there who prefer this type of TV.

If you choose a non-smart TV, keep in mind that you don’t have to plug in an Internet cable or connect to a wireless network.

What if you need to make an exception and watch something on a streaming service? There are still solutions, you can simply plug in an Apple TV or an Amazon Fire TV Stick, if that makes sense to you.


While smart TVs are everywhere, and they are only getting smarter, preferring a dumb TV doesn’t make sense to many.

But dumb TVs are still a good solution for a public setting, such as a waiting room, as building managers don’t want outsiders plugging all sorts of gadgets into the TV’s USB or LAN ports, or accessing app/network functions of the TV.
Think about it, many features of a smart TV require logging in to apps with personal accounts such as YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, which is not safe.


If you’re against the stream and you’re looking for a dumb TV, you may notice that although there are options on the market, they are not that numerous though.

To help you find a reliable non-smart TV, we’ve turned to Amazon and searched for the best dumb TVs for you. Check them out:

LG 24in Class 720p 60Hz LED HDTV 

Looking for a small non-smart TV? This might be a good option as it’s affordable, includes HDMI and takes little space in your house. GET IT HERE.

Check out its top features:

  • Screen Size: 24 Inches
  • LED display technology
  • 720p Resolution
  • 60-hertz Refresh Rate
  • 720p resolution for quality HD images, TruMotion 120
  • HDMI Connectivity Technology

22” LED HDTV by Continu.us 

This dumb TV has great reviews on Amazon and is affordable, yet amazing in terms of features. GET IT HERE.

  • multi-connectivity technology featuring HDMI x 1, USB Port x 1, VGA x 1, and RF Cable/Antenna Jack Input x 1. 
  • compact, lightweight design that makes it quick and easy to mount on your wall with a VESA pattern
  •  22-inch, 720p, 60Hz LED Television screen which delivers stunning light, dark and rich colors

SuperSonic SC-3222 LED Widescreen HDTV 32″

Supersonic HDTV brings has high-definition picture quality and comes equipped with a DVD player built into the television set. This is a great feature if you have a DVD collection and you want to play it without any other equipment. The TV also contains HDMI, USB, and AC/DC ports. GET IT HERE.

  • Simple Remote and DC car cord
  • Compatibility with Roku/FireTV Stick
  • HD picture quality

With everything going on in this fast-moving industry, do you think dumb TVs have a good chance to survive? Will the classic TV experience will soon be forgotten?

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What’s A Dumb TV? Check Out The Best Dumb TVs Without Smart Features
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