More Than 15 Million UK Customers Will Have Access To Biometric Banking


One of the biggest players in banking, HSBC, has announced voice-recognition technology for phone banking, thereby empowering more than 15 million customers with the opportunity of securing their accounts with Voice ID.

HSBC isn’t introducing the notion of biometric banking in UK, but its move will affect the biggest number of citizens. Their voice recognition software will take into account over 100 unique identifiers in a client’s voice. Besides recognizing cadence and prononciation, it will take into consideration a person’s larynx, vocal tract and nasal passage.

iPhone users will see HSBC’s mobile banking app change, too. Instead of passcodes and PIN’s, they will get to use Touch ID fingerprint authentication.

Before HSBC, Barclays enabled fingerprint authentication to quickly access online accounts and authorise payments.


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