The Walking Dead: Our World Unleashes AR Zombies

Coming from Finnish studio Next Games, The Walking Dead AR game called Our World will make zombies shuffle towards you like never before.

Based on the AMC show, it will feature characters like Rick Grimes, Michonne, and Daryl Dixon, as well as a plethora of weapons. 

Pre-registration is open now on Google Play and the game will hit iOS and Android later this year. Don’t know about you, but, while we’re excited about The Walking Dead AR games, we’ll pass on the opportunity to see Lucille in augmented reality.

The game, which combines a top-down map view with a first-person mode for fights, was built in partnership with Google Maps.

“With Google Maps, we can count on providing the most up-to-date location data, meaning that when new buildings or roads are built, we’ll have them in our game. This enables us to create an immersive experience, tied to the players’ location. Google Maps’ unrivaled amount of location data, covering world-famous landmarks, businesses and buildings, such as the Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel Tower, the London Eye, Burj Khalifa and India Gate, makes exploring your surroundings a breathtaking experience,” said Teemu Huuhtanen, Next Games’ CEO.

The Walking Dead: Our World is just one of the first AR game experiences coming our way because Google Maps recently announced that it will support the Unity game engine.

This will let game developers turn buildings, roads and other landmarks from Maps into game objects and create better augmented reality games.

“Game studios can easily reimagine our world as a medieval fantasy, a bubble gum candy land, or a zombie-infested post-apocalyptic city,” said Google, very subtly, just a few days ago.

The real world is now indeed a playground for AR game developers and players alike. We can’t wait to see a Zombieland adaptation too! 

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