The New Walking Dead Game Is Super Bad But The Internet Is Having A Field Day with It

rick grimes the walking dead destinies

For many viewers, The Walking Dead season 1 and season 2 were the only seasons worth watching – but what would have happened if Shane killed Rick?

That’s the storyline in a new The Walking Dead game called “The Walking Dead: Destinies”. Actually, the game promises to let you change the destinies of your favorite characters, which sounds like an amazing premise. Unfortunately, the game is extremely bad. Worse than Jadis and her Scavengers even.

It’s so bad, The Walking Dead: Destinies screenshots recently released actually went viral and somehow injected new life into a franchise long gone. It’s kind of like those memes with Coral back in season 3.

The good folks at Kotaku had the patience to actually play The Walking Dead: Destinies and the bossfight between Rick and Shane, inspired by the show’s season 2, is some of the worst gameplay I’ve seen – and I’ve played stuff that was indie back in the 80s and 90s.

Still, Reddit had a field day with the screenshots from Walking Dead: Destinies and the way the game characters sort of look like the series’ actors, but barely.

Redditor u/independentemu6965 summed it up best, saying “mfers created a ps2 game in 2023”.

Redditor u/themilliner also reminded everyone of how AMC screwed this great series, its original supporters and even some of this actors:

“No, this is perfect. It’s exactly the level of quality expected of the series post-season 1, when AMC fired the passionate director and contract-locked the cast into it, despite the director being the reason they were there, let alone at reduced rates,” they wrote. For anyone who isn’t still salty about that, they’re referencing how AMC fired Dan Darabont, the person who brought the series to life, and forced the next showrunner to make twice the number of episodes with about half the budget.

Could this have happened at The Walking Dead: Destinies development meetings as well?

Isthat Andrew Lincoln or Walton Goggins?

walter goggins

Redditor Maowser515 says “they look like someone described the characters to them down the phone”, while another user exclaimed “You fool, you’ve captured their stunt doubles!”.

reddit about the walking dead destinies

No doubt, that’s exactly what happened with Shane and Beth. Here’s the visual again, so you can be horrified some more.

the walking dead destinies characters

Also, is that Daryl or Meth Standing? 

As a refresher and a way to stop you from googling “Meth Standing” (it will show you horrifying meth psychosis images), here’s how Norman Reedus looked in Death Stranding, an acclaimed game.

death stranding

This quip was followed by a series of alternative The Walking Dead names that would better fit this series.

“The Not Running Unalive, featuring beloved characters such as:




Carl (Not that one)


IdiotElderBran coined this beautiful name with another reply quipping that the game should be called “The Strolling Deceased” instead.

Still, the top comment was an elegant renaming for the Walking Dead franchise: The Worst of Us™. Or should it be Days Groan, if we’re doing zombie game puns?

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