Why Can’t People Text Their $1 A Minute AI Girlfriend Anymore? Well, It’s A Crazy Story

caryn marjorie

AI girlfriends have long been a staple of sci-fi but, thanks to advancements in chatbots, they’re now a thing. One such service, CarynAi, was created by company Forever Voices and modeled after a popular Snapchat influencer.

Its story is so full of twists and turns, this drama feels like the early days of the web.

It all begins a few months ago, when CarynAI made launched as a promising virtual girlfriend powered by AI.

Not a month later, CarynAI made headlines after the virtual girlfriend in question could not help herself and turned any conversation sexual. 

Despite the chatbot being promoted as a virtual girlfriend capable of appearing lovely and caring, the texts it sent users more resembled the sleazy messages of a f*ckboy. Of course, the AI was talking to a Vice editor, so that might have played a role in how it approached things.

Still, that didn’t stop thousands for signing up to the service and falling in love with CarynAI. That is, until the AI girlfriend ghosted them. Starting with October 23, 2023, CarynAI stopped responding on Telegram to thousands of her partners, with no explanation for the behavior.

How did this happen? You might think, as any reasonable person would, that CarynAI went offline because of server issues, or perhaps just scheduled maintenance.

Truth is, as always, stranger than fiction, and the reason why CarynAI was stopped is totally different. It’s because Forever Voices’ CEO, John Meyer, was arrested. Meyer was detained by the authorities on suspicion of arson, and is accused of trying to set his own home on fire.

An NDTV report reveals that Meyer, who was in charge of the Forever Voices social media, started tweeting up a storm that had little to do with CarynAI and indicated just how volatile the CEO was.

“Before the service went offline, the Forever Voices account posted a series of unusual conspiracy theories on X (formerly Twitter) involving the FBI, former US President Donald Trump, and rogue CIA terrorists,” reports the outlet, 

Then, on October 30, the real Caryn Marjorie posted on X (formerly Twitter) that a brand new version of the AI girlfriend would be launched soon. She also said that the service was acquired by another company, BanterAI, in a “six figure deal”.

Is it possible that John Meyer lost it because he knew he faced losing CarynAI as a brand, since the real Caryn Marjorie had sold it to another company? 

It certainly looks likely but we’ll probably never know, as neither Caryn Marjorie nor Meyer (or their reps) have made any statements.

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