8 Things Death Stranding Delivers

If you’ve been on the Internet and not stranded who knows where, you’ve witnessed the gaming world shake: Hideo Kojima finally launched Death Stranding. 

Some things are painfully clear from the get-go.

One: you’re gonna love it or hate it – no middle ground. Two: Sony’s the only one with the cojones to publish such a niche game. It’s true that, at this point, Sony is more about prestige than profit, just like any seasoned actor. Three, you’re gonna go to the whiteboard and write all the facts and characters down to make sense of them.

Less obvious is not what Kojima failed to do, but what he delivered. Like a good delivery boy.

By far, the most important achievement is bringing a true allegory in game form.

After all, the likes you receive? For better stability, weight capacity and rank increase? They are the love true connections can bring, love that can make you stronger, more enduring and more self-confident in society.

You can choose to carry everything alone and risk falling down or leave cargo out there, for anonymous players to find. It’s not co-op; you don’t know them, they may not return the favor. 

Forging connections, what Kojima said the game is all about, is helping out without waiting for anything in return. And when you do get a ladder or some rope from no one in particular… lemme tell you that’s almost as satisfying as killing a bunch of zombies. 

… Or we may be totally wrong.

But this is just the beginning. Kojima’s Death Stranding might create a new game genre, is turning into a paradox has some hard truths you’ll have to face.

Find out we’re referring to in the video above!

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