Hideo Kojima Feels Pretty Confident About Maybe Making Movies One Day

Hideo Kojima Feels Pretty Confident About Maybe Making Movies One Day


If we know anything about Hideo Kojima is that he loves his cinematics: he designs his games like he would a film and his long cutscenes are pretty much a staple of his work. Kojima has also worked extensively with well-known actors in the past and his friendship with Mads Mikkelsen is already notorious online. 

Back in 1998, Kojima’s Metal Gear: Solid provided the gamers with one of the most immersive experiences in gaming available at that time: it had everything from an amazing soundtrack to well-written dialogue and an unrivaled atmosphere. The entire package gave it a well-deserved spot in the history of gaming. 

From then on, every Metal Gear title pushed the boundaries for the narrative, a move that divided opinions of both the players and the critics. 

It’s understandable why Kojima recently told the BBC in an interview that his studio, Kojima Productions, will eventually begin to produce films. Though creating a game and creating a movie are two quite different beasts, Kojima hardly seems phased. 

In the future, Kojima Productions will start making films.” Kojima told the BBC, more or less seriously, and then added, in pure Kojima fashion, that “If you can do one thing well, then you can do everything well.”

After Kojima stopped working for Konami in 2015, everyone wondered where he would go next with his cinematic ambitions.

Kojima’s answer was his own studio’s Death Stranding, which will officially release later on this week. The early reviews both praised and criticized the game, so it’s hard to tell what to expect from it at the moment.

The game will blend in a number of genres into one: travel, adventure and role-play. Of course, a number of cutscenes are used to push the story ahead. 

However, with all the anticipation that has built up since the game was announced, what we’re even more curious about now is definitely how Kojima’s movies will be like and if they will be similar in tone and style to his games or if he will do a complete shift and surprise us with something new. Will he use CGI animations or work on live-action productions? We can only wait and see. 

Death Stranding, for example, aims, among other things, to fight toxic behavior in gaming by only allowing the players to interact positively. 

You interact with other players by giving thumbs up or likes, there is no way to interact negatively,” he said. “Pretty soon in the game you start receiving worldwide thanks for laying items for other players to use. You’ll start thinking about others when you play and how you might be able to help them.”

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