Gift For DIY Friends: 3D Printer For Home-made Electronics

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The DIY trend has spread with lightning speed – just check out the boards and pins on Pinterest! It’s almost a fact that in a group of friends, at least one of them is into this business – gluing things and posting them on the blog or tinkering in the workshop. For these friends, who claim they can do anything for themselves and don’t need presents, a gift has to be able to make their job easier. This 3D printer for electronics could fit the bill nicely #objectmagic

NexD1 by Next Dynamics is a multi-material 3D liquid jet printer that executes completely functional circuit boards and flexible materials in color. It uses a thing they call DigiJet technology to print various materials fast and precise. Among them, are special resins that have nano-particles or pigments.

The 3D printer NexD1 (pronounced Next One) comes with a proprietary printhead and 6 cartridge storage system, meaning it can print and mix up to 6 materials at a time. All you have to do is use your smartphone to give the order through Wi-Fi connectivity or the capacitive touchscreen. Then, the printer produces hard base resins, conductive, flexible and colored or transparent materials with support cases that can be removed with water.

It sounds like the perfect present, right? Only you’ll have to wait for their birthday next year or for Christmas 2017, as the Kickstarter project won’t be shipping until then. As for the price, start putting money aside – one NexD1 costs 3758 euros with 3 cartridges on Kickstarter now.

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