A Facebook Smartwatch Is Set To Arrive In 2022
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A Facebook Smartwatch Is Set To Arrive In 2022

Image: @timberfoster on Unsplash

It certainly got everyone wondering when Facebook recently called Apple a ‘significant’ future competitor, and here’s why. Apart from developing the Oculus VR headsets and the Portal smart display, it’s now reported Facebook is working on a smartwatch. This will presumably make the company a major player between hardware manufacturers. 

The Information reports Facebook plans to release a smartwatch in 2022, with its focus being on fitness and messaging. The same source state the device will have its own cellular connection, meaning it won’t need to rely on a smartphone for internet access. Also, Facebook’s smartwatch will use an open-source version of Google’s Android software.

According to the same report, Facebook’s plan for a smartwatch also includes a second-generation, set to be released in 2023. There is no official name for it or an estimated price, but the company wants to compete with the likes of Apple and Fitbit.

Taking into account Facebook’s security and privacy history, a smartwatch will most likely be just another tool used to collect user’s data which can then be monetized. We’ll see if consumers will be able to get past that and turn a Facebook smartwatch into a success.

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A Facebook Smartwatch Is Set To Arrive In 2022
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