AI Solves In Three Days One Of The Biggest Biology Mysteries

AI biology mystery worm

Artificial intelligences are slowly but surely becoming writers,  poets, music producers, script writers and… scientists, why not? A 100-year-old biology mystery was solved by an AI in just three days #machinemagic

The answer that had eluded scientists so many years took less than a week for a computer to solve. The problem was how did sliced up flatworms regenerated into new organisms?! Well, the AI programmed by a group of computer scientists from the University of Maryland randomly predicted how a worm’s genes formed a network capable of regeneration, leaving humans to evaluate the answer afterwards by running simulations.

While the machine solved the puzzle in 72 hours, it did take several years for it to be put together by scientists:

“The invention of models to explain what nature is doing is the most creative thing scientists do. This is the heart and soul of the scientific enterprise. None of us could have come up with this model; we (as a field) have failed to do so after over a century of effort”

Now, the model created can be used to generate others that could avoid decades spent in labs researching cancer drugs and prevention. Although, scientists think they could come across some obstacles; massive databases of scientific experiments should be prepared for an AI’s “consumption”.

source: journal.plos.org

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