This AI Is Putting a Stop to Racial Profiling

The partnership between technology and law enforcement is nothing new. Police officers have used UAVs to investigate crime scenes, attempted to create devices that can crack smartphones, and implemented algorithms to predict the next location and date of a crime. A new AI by Cortica, Israel’s top artificial intelligence company, and India’s Best Group could be the next step in this partnership.

This AI is a smart video surveillance system. After training it on terabytes of images captured by CCTV cameras, the companies used facial detection to spot expressions that suggest a person’s intent. The program could then associate facial movements, like trembling lips or twitch eyelids, with certain actions.

The problem with AI, however, is that it runs the risk of reconstructing the entire system in the case of failure. As described in the video above, this system avoids said risk through innovative methods.

By the end of this process, the AI can spot certain facial movements and probable offenders. Doing so in an unbiased way could be the key to ending racial profiling.

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