AI That Spots Abnormalities In Chest and Head Scans Raises $16 million Funding

AI That Spots Abnormalities In Chest and Head Scans Raises $16 million Funding’s AI, qXR, announced that it raised $16 million funding to further develop their algorithm detector of malignancies and cardiac disorders.

The need for a low-cost chest X-ray product becomes apparent when you think about how many tuberculosis patients in developing countries develop complications while waiting for help. As says, sometimes you need something that works faster than a traditional scan, especially for people living in remote locations: “Our products ensure that life-saving treatments can be delivered to patients, even in remote locations, in a fraction of the time required for traditional scan interpretation.”

Here is where qXR comes in. The product works on a computer AI capable of processing X-rays and identifying up to 15 common abnormalities, including COPD, cardiac disorders, besides tuberculosis. The model was trained on X-ray scans from various medical institutions, amassing a gallery of 2.5 million images.

The product is CE certified, their head CT product (qER) being the only solution in the industry to detect every critical brain abnormality on a head CT including five types of intracranial hemorrhages, cranial fractures, infarcts, midline shift, and mass effect (for tumor detection).

Clinics can work with qXR as a cloud setup or a local hosted solution. Either way, they’ll have access to a platform where they can see registered patients, who need follow-up visits, the scheduled screenings. But more importantly, there they can find all the medical data they need to treat them: bacteriological test results, reports from radiology and information on the size of their abnormalities.

This technology is at the moment available in over 20 countries and has impacted over 600,000 lives. wants to keep investing into R&D and to expand the reach of their solutions, so the funding couldn’t have come at a better time.

With the funding round led by Sequoia India and supported by MassMutual Ventures Southeast Asia (SEA), they intend to reach more countries, expand their product portfolio and support regulatory clearances.

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