All You Need to Know About Google Pixel 4 Night Sight Camera

All You Need to Know About Google Pixel 4 and Its Amazing Night Sight Camera

The Google Pixel 4 is finally launching today, after months of leaks and speculations.

Of course, there was one final leak last night, where Best Buy US jumped the gun and listed the Pixel 4 XL device at $999.99, which means the base model could start at around $900.

The Pixel 4 is also set to be the first Pixel device that skips a fingerprint scanner, going instead for face recognition for easier phone unlocking.

However, the biggest change is definitely the overall looks – Google will skip the duo tone and launch a device that’s one color all over.

On the back, Google opted for a square bump housing two cameras, a sensor at the top and a flash at the bottom.

And here is where things get interesting!

Our colleague Alina rounded up all you need to know about the Google Pixel 4 ahead of the launch, from why the device has a full bezel to what’s exciting about the camera. 

Hint – it’s night sight, where Google’s improvements turn this smartphone into an almost professional camera that will let you take amazing pictures of star-studded skies and more. Remember those leaked photo samples?

So, before you start looking at Pixel 4 spec sheets, take a look at what Alina rounded up because, as one Youtube commenter put it, hardware has never made a pixel phone…it’s the magic they do with their software!

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