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Amazon Cash Lets You Do Online Shopping Without A Card

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Maybe you’re the type to keep your money where you can see it. Or don’t want the hassle of opening up a bank account and getting a card. Either way, you’ll be happy to know there’s now a way to shop online with paper money. That’s called Amazon Cash #todaymagic

Amazon launched a new service in the U.S. that allows you to pay online with cash. How does that happen? Pretty straightforward. In the Amazon account, a unique barcode appears that can be used at the register during checkout in one of several participating stores. After reading it, the cashier can transfer the amount of cash you need and in minutes, the transaction will be completed.

It’s an easier way to shop on Amazon than having to buy a Gift Card with a limited amount of money or add cash to prepaid cards. Plus, there’s no fee to speak of. The whole thing should happen instantly without an extra effort from your part.

All you’ve got to do is type from mobile or desktop, access your barcode, print it or just take your phone with you on a shopping trip. Once you’re in the store (one of these – CVS Pharmacy, Speedway, Family Fare Supermarkets, Sheetz, D&W Fresh Market, Kum & Go and VG’s Grocery), you can go straight to the register and ask the cashier to scan the printed or mobile barcode and add the cash needed (while the physical money stays with him). You can fill your account with any sum between $15 and $500/transaction.

The next time you’ll want to refill it, just use the initial barcode. If you don’t find it at the web address written above, check the “Manage Gift Card” balance – Amazon says the system will show it there, too.

Amazon Cash is supposed to work with every purchase from the main site, so if you’ve been wanting to get products from them and never could before, don’t waste the chance. That said, this isn’t the first barcode service available on the market. PayPal introduced a similar system called PayPal My Cash Card. The system relies on fees, though, and works with just two stores (plus you’re given barcodes that expire after a limited time.)

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