Tesla’s Promise To Deliver The Best EVs Helped It Surpass Ford

Tesla Model S P100D

Can a 100-year old prestigious company like Ford even compare with a youngster like Tesla? You betcha! Believe it or not, market cap is showing that Tesla is actually ahead of Ford #automagic

Numbers don’t lie. Elon Musk’ company has somehow managed to have a market capitalization higher than Ford’s, but just by a couple of billions. Their stocks are valued at $47.46 billion while Ford’s have dropped to $44.89 billion. This is easily explained by the two companies’ recent behaviour. While Tesla is enjoying public awareness and trading up, Ford is staying behind of the times and trading down.

The prestigious American car maker’s sales fell 7% last month, plus it had to recall some of its F-150 pickup trucks after the instrument cluster display stopped working properly in cold weather. Meanwhile, Tesla’s Q1 ended on a high note with a 69% increase over the same period last year. The company managed to produce and deliver over 25,000 cars, with 11,550 Model X. 

Tesla is on the rise, no doubt about it. Although their shipment numbers pale in comparison to those of Ford, that is delivering millions of vehicles annually, Tesla is building for the future, not the past. Their promise of creating the best electric vehicles possible comes at the right moment.

Now, in the automotive world, there’s talk about autonomous and zero emission cars daily, so it’s no wonder that investors are placing their bets on the “horse” with the most promise to become a key part of customers’ lives.

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