Amazon Go Opens New Cashierless Shop In San Francisco

Amazon Go Opens New Cashierless Shop In San Francisco

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Even if you’ve never been into an Amazon Go store before, you’ve definitely heard about it from us more than once.

The concept of the store is quite easy: customers download the Amazon Go app on their smartphone, which they swipe upon entering the store. Amazon uses cameras and sensors to track what the customers pick or place back, what they put in their shopping bags and walk out with.

The customers don’t have to deal with checkout lines and don’t even have to take their wallet out for what they bought – after they leave, Amazon will simply bill their account according to their purchases.

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Amazon is now preparing to open its sixth Amazon Go store that will work on to this system, this time in San Francisco, following its Chicago and Seattle ones. The store is located at the corners of California and Battery, smack in the middle of the financial district.

The shop looks like any other convenience store out there and will offer the shoppers the opportunity to eat in if they want to and even offer microwaves where they can warm up the food they have purchased.

The store will be the first Amazon Go location that will offer fresh sushi, by the way, because the shop’s main focus is fresh food and produce, in addition to the pre-made meals and other miscellaneous products.

Though Amazon does not seem to try to replace the 7-Eleven shops out there, it does look like its main goal is to achieve a very solid grasp on offline retail which might threaten the smaller cafes and delis in the surrounding areas.

We’re not there yet but Amazon is moving fast, to say the least and I have no doubts that soon enough we will be seeing an Amazon Go shop around every corner – the company is already planning a second shop in San Francisco, with another location set for New York that they are set on starting on in 2019.

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