Amazon Offers Machine Learning Courses For Free

Amazon Offers Machine Learning Courses For Free


Amazon has announced that is had made all of its machine learning educational courses available for free through AWS for developers, data scientists, data platform egineers and business professionals.

These courses are the same ones the company uses to train its own engineers and they cumulate over 45 hours worth of machine learning education.

The announcement was made by Matt Wood, general manager of deep learning and Artificial Intelligence at Amazon, during Cyber Monday. The course aims to push forward the growth of machine learning skills for the AWS developers at the “Machine Learning University” which, before, had only been limited to the Amazon employees.

The courses begin by dealing with the fundamentals of machine learning and then continue to build on that via examples and labs such as real-world problems Amazon itself had faced in the past.

The students can also opt for the AWS Certification for Machine Learning, which is a speciality that includes an exam and the certification can be used, for example, in a resume or to acquire a promotion. While the courses are free, if the students decide they want to use the labs and take exams, they will have to pay a fee.

If you are interested, you can access the courses here, all you will need is an AWS account.

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