Another Success for SpaceX: Falcon 9 Aces Its Mission Again

Credit: SpaceX

SpaceX has done it again – the company successfully launched and delivered the Merah Putih satellite up into the geostationary transfer orbit. Not only that but it landed back safely on the Of Course I Still Love You drone ship. This makes it the 28th booster that SpaceX has recovered so far.

The Falcon 9 alongside the trusty Block 5 launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida with a launch window of only two hours. It was also the first time SpaceX reused one of its Block 5 boosters and it also marks the third time the Falcon 9 went into space.

This makes a lot of firsts for SpaceX so far and it’s nothing but good news for the company as they are currently working towards the goal of launching the rockets 10 times with only the most basic inspections between landing and liftoff and 100 times with minor refurbishments.

The Merah Putih satellite that the Falcon 9 launched today means “red and white”, which is a reference to the Indonesian flag. The satellite was launched so it could assist PT Telekon Indonesia in order to provide communications services not only to the Indonesian people but also to other areas in the Southeastern Asian region.

You can watch the entire mission in the video below, courtesy of the SpaceX channel on Youtube.

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