The Saroléa Manx7 Electric Superbike Is Ready To Hit The Streets

The Saroléa Manx7 Electric Superbike Is Ready to Hit the Streets

First off, have any of you heard of Saroléa?

No? Okay, let me backtrack a little then.

The company was founded in Belgium way back in the late 1800’s and it was one of the very first companies in Europe who focused on the increased interest in motorcycles that had started to take off at the time. Back then, they produced weapons and bicycles as well, so we’re set for a pretty eclectic start here.

After some racing and a handful of bike models, the company faded away around the 60’s and merged with a different company and its name all but disappeared from the motorcycling history books.

In 2010 though, Belgian twin brothers Torsten and Bjorn Robbens bought the rights to the name again and started to develop electric racing bikes. The first race the company attended to, under its own name after so many decades, was the 2014 Isle of Man TT, with the SP7 model. The lightweight model placed 4th and averaged a speed of 95mph. Honestly? Not bad.

The company had plenty of time to do some tweaking here and there and they are now releasing the street version of the SP7, dubbed the Manx7. It is also very expensive.

Credit: Bjorn Robbens / YouTube 

The design of the motorcycle was inspired by the original SP7 and it has a very clear look and it was aimed to be as light as possible in order to improve agility and performance. The Saroléa team hand made a carbon fibre monocoque chassis and the same material was used for the swingarm. Thanks to this, the bike has a 50/50 weight distribution and it weighs 217Kg with the 22KWh battery pack for the electric motor included.

The motor in question cranks up 450Nm of torque and is an air-cooled brushless DC motor that makes 120KW. With all that packed up, the bike can reach 100kph in 2.8 seconds and the basic battery pack can last for around 230km while holding 14kWh inside. You know what? Not bad at all.

The medium pack offers 280 riding range with 18kWh while the largest comes with 330km under the belt at 22kWh.

We’re not done yet – the battery pack allows upgrades and it can be removed. The company also fits the motorcycle with a quick charge tech that allows it to charge up to 85% in 25 minutes. You can expect top of the line suspensions, shock absorbers and braking systems to come along with the package as well.

The downsides are the following: there will be only 25 of these bikes available and the pricing will start at €42.975 for the 14 kWh battery, €46.280 for the 18 kWh, and €48.760 for the 22 kWh pack.

I mean, if you have that kind of money laying around for a bike and plan to race it, by all means.

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