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Motorcycle Mounts Can Damage iPhone Cameras

Want to take your iPhone on your next adventure? Be careful of the type of mount you use. Apparently, Apple does warn about motorcycles’ less pleasant effects on iPhone cameras.

You may think using your iPhone’s GPS while you ride your motorcycle is a good idea, but Apple is against it. In fact, in a new Support post the company goes into detail why that would be a terrible idea.

So, high amplitude vibrations don’t go well with iPhone cameras. The most concerning ones are those coming from high-power motorcycle engines through handlebars.

That’s because the latest iPhones’ (since iPhone 7) OIS and AF tech can get messed up by those.

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The camera’s OIS helps the gyroscope to sense movement, changing its angle and lens in order to stabilize the image and avoid blur every time you move slightly. On the other hand, the AF needs accurate measurements of the vibrations felt so it can compensate and position the lens correctly.

But when high intensity vibrations are felt, the cameras overreact leading to permanent damage.

So, no to iPhones on motorcycles? Exactly. However, if you use mopeds and scooters more often, you could try buying a mount that dampens the already-weaker vibrations and hope for the best.

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Motorcycle Mounts Can Damage iPhone Cameras
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