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Can You Still Get Netflix Free Trial in 2021?

Netflix is still the most popular platform today, at least when it comes to consumer recognition. I mean, we coined a phrase after it! However, even Netflix had to adjust to the dire effects of the pandemic on the film industry. Some features were altered, others disappeared, new ones popped up. The option to check out a Netflix free trial before committing to a monthly subscription, was one of the best ones they came up with. Others followed suit but how did Netflix react to pressure and declining earnings? Can you still get a Netflix free trial in 2021?

The answer is… pretty complex, believe it or not. So let’s start with the facts.

Is Netflix Still Free for 30 Days?

A couple of years ago, anyone could sign up for a free Netflix trial of 30 days. You just had to leave your email address and valid credit card info and the trial run began. Once the 30 days were up, Netflix charged you the full sum if you didn’t cancel the account beforehand.

Gradually, Netflix started to limit the amount of content you could view in that first free month. Fortunately, you could still watch popular content like Stranger Things, Boss Baby, Our Planet, or classics like Grace and Frankie.

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The pandemic however forced Netflix to go one step further and remove the free trial in the U.S. and afterwards, in more countries. Only a handful of countries still had access to free content; Netflix was hoping to minimize their losses.

Meanwhile, other services that had just launched like Apple TV+ and Discovery+ hoped to attract visitors with one week – just 7 days! – of free content.

Right now, Netflix doesn’t offer free trials in any country where the service is running.

How Do You Get the 2021 Netflix Free Trial?

You’d think the answer was, you can’t. And, technically speaking, that’s true, however there are some workarounds.

Since, at the end of the day, you’re more interested in getting some free Netflix content than the trial as it was meant to be originally, you could use VPN. By switching your Netflix region via VPN, you can take advantage of offers for users in India. There, Netflix offers 50% off a two-month subscription, so you can pay for one and get the second month for free.

Some mobile carriers include Netflix access in their plans. Check for those – it may still feel like giving money to Netflix, but probably much less than if you were going for a normal subscription.

The easiest way to watch Netflix for free remains getting included in your friends’ or family’s Netflix subscription. Netflix’s plans allow for streaming on multiple devices at the time so if they share their accounts and passwords, you’re golden!

You can still create a separate profile for yourself so your movies and series don’t get mixed up.

The only thing you have to keep in mind? The owner of the account can always see what you’re watching. So, be careful with that!

Needless to say, Netflix still frowns upon this method.

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Can You Get a Year of Netflix and Save Money?

Guys, that would be awesome! Netflix might consider offering an annual subscription but for now, they’re sticking to the monthly payments.

At the moment, Netflix offers 3 plans, a Basic, Standard and Premium. The prices differ from country to country but in the U.S. the Basic one costs $8.99/month, the Standard is $12.99/month and the Premium is $15.99/month.

Now, because they differ from one region to another, you can use the VPN trick we talked about before to get a lower-priced subscription and save money in the process.

For example, in Turkey the average price of Netflix per month is just $2.78, in Colombia, $4.14 and even in Mexico it’s under nine dollars, at $5.38.

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Can You Still Get Netflix Free Trial in 2021?
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