Anti Burn-In Philips OLED+935 Wellness TV, LG Fan Facemask Steal the Show At IFA2020

Phones, earbuds and wearables are what we crave but honestly, this year we feel a bigger need for a seriously good TV, a dependable projector, or a fridge.. and a mask that we can wear for hours on end, without our face sweating, makeup dripping or beards struggling. LG, Samsung, and Philips delivered.

Hoping to change your TV soon? We spotted a good one for you: the OLED+935 from Philips. Yeah, I know, the name is a bit off-putting – doesn’t say much of anything, except that it’s OLED.

But disregard that and you have three models, a 48-inch TV which will roll out in October, with a 55- and 65-inch that’s out now. All are super slim, have small, unnoticeable bezels and Ambilight tech. In case you didn’t know, that is Philips’ system to sync its lights – on four sides – with the colors of the display.

Now, you’ve also got Ambilight Air which syncs the lights from the TV with ones from Philips’ new speakers, so all of them are in tune. 

And there’s also a wellness part to this: Ambisleep. Basically, the lights get warmer, more subdued and nature sounds play in the background in this mode. It’s all very trippy.

Another thing we appreciated is the anti burn-in feature. Like with all OLEDs, there’s the risk of burn-in over time. Philips is hoping to solve this issue by keeping an eye open for the zones with static content – like logos or some options in games – and gradually decrease the light output sent there. 

Do you get any smart features? Of course, its AI is hard at work, there’s support for all the major HDR formats and there’s DTS Play-Fi at the audio helm. Through the Philips Sound app, you guys can connect this TV with other DTS Play-Fi wireless speakers throughout the house – no latency, no wires. By the way, audio plays a big role here as LG leveled up with a Bowers & Wilkins Tweeter on Top which acts as a table-on-top stand. 

That sounds good and all, but how much is it? The Philips TVs start from 2000 euros (48-inch model) to 3000 euros for the 65-inch one. 

Before we get in the health zone and discuss the surprising facemask offered by LG, there was one soundbar that drew our attention: the Fidelio B97 from the Philips team. I’ll let you find more details on your own but honestly, check it out for the detachable speakers. Those work as surround channels when you unstick them.

There are 17 drivers overall, with an 8-inch bass driver and… IMAX Enhanced. This is the first soundbar from Philips that’s certified to play your IMAX content as loud and deep as in an IMAX cinema. And, considering we don’t know when we’ll be back in a movie theatre to watch one, I’m all for it!

Watch the video above to find out what’s the Puricare facemask from LG all about!

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