See How To Attend The Upcoming HBO “Lovecraft Country” VR Events & Concert

HBO wants to push the envelope even further in terms of entertainment, and you will get a free new show and concert out of it!

To celebrate the launch of their new exclusive show, Lovecraft Country, HBO will hold a series of three VR events, transporting viewers in a world inspired by the horror series.

However, the VR experience won’t be available worldwide.

Instead, HBO will invite 100 “select influential voices” to dive in Lovecraft Country using an Oculus Quest headset.

Then, the rest of us will watch them and participate in the action via a YouTube Livestream.

Essentially, HBO is bringing reality shows into 2020 leveraging virtual reality and allowing viewers to influence what unfolds on the screen.

“So much of Lovecraft Country is rooted in the idea of travel as a catalyst for self-discovery.

Sanctum provides a way for fans to come together virtually and safely in a unique new place and experience incredible performances that further explore themes and ideas from the show.

These virtual events also give us the special opportunity of spotlighting the work of Black artists in celebration of this very important series,” said Dana Flax, the VP of Program Marketing at HBO.

The people invited by HBO in the Lovecraft:Sanctum experience will be thrown in front of various challenges, from puzzles to escape rooms, but will also enjoy theater, art installations and even a live concert held by a soon-to-be-announced rap performer.

Everything will be livestreamed on YouTube, where viewers will solve puzzles and do spells that, according to HBO, will “directly impact the experience.”

Actors like Jonathan Majors and Courtney B. Vance will lend their voice to bring Lovecountry:Sanctum to life as close to the series as possible.

 “It is an alternate universe, built for Social VR, that tests, and exceeds, the boundaries of what we believe possible.

We sought to create a space in partnership with Black artists and voices that centers on the Black experience.

We chose Social VR because it is the most transportive medium to lift us from the isolation of quarantine, to coexist in a rarefied location.

This technology can erase geography to bring us together,” said Rama Allen, the lead creative of the Sanctum experience.

Ready to experience it?

Tune in for Event 1: Garden of Eden on September 3rd, at 10 PM ET on

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